Oatmeal Date Bars

Being a baking lover, I'm addicted to new equipment. When I see new recipes, I'm convinced that I'm in nead of a slow cooker, ice machine, Kitchen Aid... Or a food processor. When I found this recipe, I ensured myself that I needed a food processor asap. Sadly enough, my parents didn't think the same. Until I found an old, miniature food processor in the cupboard. Time to make these!

I had tried making these once before, but they did not turn out perfectly because the dates weren't fully chopped. Since our food processor is rather old and not extremely powerful, some pieces still crumbled off. But nevertheless, they are too good not to share! You cannot at all taste the dates, they're just there for sweetness and stickyness.

I've used almond butter because I'm not such a fan of peanut butter, but you're free to use whatever you want.  I did need to use some more agave nectar and almond butter to make it stickier, but you could also start out with a little less oats. And come on, there's a chocolate layer on top, do I really need to say more?

for 12 - 15 squares or bars
  • 270 grams rolled oats
  • 15 to 20 dates, stoneless
  • 150 grams almond butter
  • 60 ml agave nectar
  • 1 bar (100 grams) dark chocolate
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons milk
  • optional: cinnamon
Add the oats, dates, agave and almond butter to a food processor and let it do its thing for a couple of minutes. The dough should be a little sticky and you should be able to form a ball.

Line a brownie tin (or other tin) with baking paper. Pour in the oat mixture and push thight. Make sure you get the corners too!

Break the chocolate in smaller pieces and heat on low heat with milk until melted. Pour in the tin and spread, using a spatula or spoon.

Put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Take out of the tin (or not) and cut into squares or bars. I had about 15 squares. Enjoy!

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