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As I said before, concealer is a life saver for me. Whereas I don't really care about which concealer to use to cover up imperfections - as long as it does the job, I'm fine-, I do have specific wishes for my under-eye circles. My hours of sleep have reduced over the past months and sadly enough, you can tell from my face. So yup, I do need heavy material.

I used the Benefit Boing concealer before this one and although I liked the colour and the coverage, it creased in my fine lines. And there's nothing wrong with switching up, right? My niece is a make up artist and my go-to when I need make up advice, so when she told me to try the Select Cover-Up from MAC, I didn't even hesitate. I know how good their concealers are, so I wanted to give this one a try too.

When I asked the lady to try it, I was a little hesitant at first. She applied a quite light shade, and although I normally always trust them, I wasn't sure. Until I saw what it did to my eyes. The blue fade was gone! This is magic. The concealer is thick and creamy, so you don't need a lot. It is very blendable and buildable, so perfect for every day - even when you only slept 3 hours.

I like to apply it with a brush, to blend it out perfectly. It is rather expensive, but since you do not need a lot at all, it lasts quite a while. I've had it for about a month now and it looks like it is still full. I must admit it creases a little bit, but that is my fault too. If I would set it with a powder, it would look even more flawless. But I'm happy the way it is.

I don't know about you, but investing in good material is a good thing in my eyes. I definitely don't have a lot of expensive makeup, but under-eye concealer should be good. And this one definitely is!
Available at MAC stores - € 18.

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