My Favourite Online Stores

Online shopping is one of my favourite things to do when I'm on my computer. I can browse through sites for hours, often without actually buying anything. That definitely doesn't mean I never buy something, because I often just can't resist all those beautiful things! So I would like to share my favourite sites with you.

My all-time favourite online store! This site has everything, from beautiful clothes to nice makeup and jewellery and some amazing gifts. They have their own brand and I must admit: I have fallen in love multiple times already. They also have the cutest purses and wallets I have ever seen. Oh boy, I wish I would have a dressing filled with clothes from them.. Oh, and they often do crazy sales too! And the best part: free shipping.

Vente Exclusive
Vente-Exclusive is a Belgian outlet store. Each week, they have new sales for you. You have to sign up to be able to buy items, but the nice thing is that they have a lot of different sales. Clothes, shoes, gadgets, underwear, ... Name it and you'll probably find it! The assortment isn't as large as regular online stores and there are times when I don't like anything, but I've managed to do some great deals there.

Mini In The Box
My most recent discovery! The store is located in Hong Kong, which means everything you buy is as cheap as it gets. They have a lot of different categories and there's quite some rubbish to be found, but when you take your time to browse through, you can find some great steals! I ordered some stuff that came in the mail last week and I'm very happy with what I received. The shipping is free, but it takes up to 20 days to arrive.

Yes, good ol' ebay! It's a little bit like Mini In The Box, but less structured. I love it for cheap items from Asia. You have to search better, but it is definitely worth it. If you look around properly, there are amazing things to be found. I do advise to buy things that are marked with 'Buy It Now' and have free shipping. That's probably where you will find the best deals.

Last but not least: Amazon! I only use it for buying foreign books ( for French books), but they offer the cheapest and widest range I know. I used the site a lot for the books I had to read for my foreign language classes last year, so it's been a while since I ordered something. The books are cheap, the shipping is free and the service is amazing.

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