Cinnamon Pear & Almond Oatmeal

When you're all out of toppings for your regular oatmeal and you just can't go another day without the best breakfast on earth... You start inventing new combinations. And now the weather is getting colder, this version is amazing!

Lately, I've been loving very creamy oatmeal, so I tend to add a little more milk. To be honest though, I never really measure it, but you can always add some more milk after it has cooked. The oatmeal is creamier when you cook it on the stove, but I very much prefer the microwave - lazy ass over here.

I don't know what it is with pears, but I just don't tend to grab one unless it's right in front of me and I don't want to go for my standard apple (or when I've already eaten an apple). So that's what happened when I came home from class at 2 pm last week. Lemme tell you, hungry is an understatement. I couldn't think of anything but food the entire bike ride home. And apparantly, a hungry mind is an amazing mind because I created a beauty.

I'm a sucker for cinnamon, so I often tend to add a tablespoon to my oatmeal. Now I very much understand that might be a little too much for you, so feel free to add a little less. Don't leave it out though, it's too perfect. The pear and the almond are an amazing combination. I made some pear/almond packets last fall and they were delicious! I might remake them soon... I added raisins the first time and although I liked them, I didn't really miss them when I left them out. So it's completely up to you!

for 1 very filling breakfast
  • 1 pear (actually 3/4th, but I just eat some while preparing)
  • 1 banana
  • 4 tablespoons oats
  • teaspoon to tablespoon cinnamon, depending on your addiction
  • tablespoon sliced almonds
  • 180 - 200 ml milk
  • optional: raisins and/or protein powder
In a microwaveable bowl, mash the banana until most chunks have disappeared. Add in the oats, the protein powder and cinnamon and add milk. Stir until all chunks have disappeared and you have a nice mixture.

Put in the microwave for 3 minutes at 700-800 Watt. While it is in there, slice up the pear and cut into chunks. Depending on how 'chunky' you want your oatmeal to be, cut them smaller or bigger.

After taking it out carefully, stir through the almonds and the raisins. Once they are mixed properly, mix through the pear. Let cool just a little bit and enjoy!

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