Roomspiration: living room

It's time for another roomspiration! After a bedroom and office edition, it is time for the living room! I can drool over beautiful houses hours on end and living rooms are such an essential part of a home. I'm a huge sucker for modern houses, but I've got a weakness for old, dark book cases too... Okay, I'm gonna stop rambling and show you some beautiful living rooms!

That window. Can you imagine yourself sitting in that couch reading a book from one of the shelves? I surely can! I'd love to spend the day here and look at all the books that are stacked on the shelves.

Oh my, look at that view. I love the simplicity of this picture. I'm all for large windows in a living room and when it's in New York, it's even better! I really like the globe in this picture too, it adds an antique touch to the modern sofa.

I love pictures and I have them hanging everywhere in my room, but I really like this idea too! The frames all have different sizes and accentuate the window. It makes the couch look amazing!

Next to large windows, I also really love light living rooms. Or no, I love the combination of both. Light colours make any room look larger and when there's a lot of sunshine coming in, it invites you to sit down. I really like the blue door, it makes a great contrast with the light room.

This couch has stolen my heart. The plaid on top makes me want to spend the night on the sofa with some popcorn and a romantic movie. It looks great to lay down too!

I hope you enjoyed my roomspiration! All images can be found on my Pinterest and We Heart It boards.

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