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If you read my love declaration for quest bars a couple of weeks ago, you also know that they're just a little too expensive to my liking. So when I stumbled across some very positive reviews of the Body & Fit Smart Bars, I decided to give them a go!

All the reviews I read were based upon the delicious coconut flavour, apparantly the best one. There's also a delicious cookie and a delicious chocolate flavour. Since I'm always a fan of coconut, I decided to go for those! The best part? They were only €9.90 for 12! Way better than €29.90 I paid for quest bars. But are they as good?

I was happy with what I saw when I opened them. Coconut bars with a chocolate coating, a little like bounty's but healthier. There is 15 grams protein per bar, which is less than the 20 grams in quest bars. The bars are 145 calories, also lower than the quest bars. But when I looked at the ingredient list.. I wasn't so happy. A lot more ingredients and more importantly, a lot more chemical (aka not-natural) ingredients. Not really making a good impression there..

About the taste: I can't help but say something about the chocolate coating. I'm not a milk chocolate fan at all and hurray for me, the coating was milk chocolate. It's just too sweet for me, and that bothered me every time I had a bar. I'm sure that when you are a milk chocolate fan, you'll love these, but it was just something I didn't like. Next to that, these were nice! The coconut flavour is really nice and overall, it's an amazing bar for those nutrients.

They definitely did a good job on these but sadly enough for me, I tried them after the quest bars. Those are just so amazing that I don't think I'll ever find a bar that's just as good as those. Overall thought? They're yummy and amazing to take with you, but I just am not a fan of the milk chocolate.

The bars are available on Body & Fitshop and cost €9.90 for 12 bars!

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