REVIEW | Barry M Matte Nail Paint

Now work is over and school has started again, I can start wearing nail polish! With fall sneaking in, I love using darker colours and this one from Barry M is perfect for that! It's a matte colour, which makes it even more special.

Barry M is a British makeup brand and as far as I know, not available in stores in Belgium. I usually buy my stuff whenever I'm in the UK, but you can easily order it online too! They have a billion different nail polish colours and often come out with new 'collections'. The one I have is - obviously - from the matte collection.

It's not a limited edition collection, so you should be able to get them anywhere. I have the colour Brown Mocha and indeed, it reminds me of coffee somewhat! The quality of Barry M nail polishes is amazing. 1 coat usually is enough already, but I like to add a second coat just to make sure. This colour is exactly my cup of tea for fall!

I usually wear both base coat and top coat, but that obviously can't with this nail polish - unless you don't care about the matte effect. Therefore, it starts chipping sooner than with basecoat but I'm really impressed with how long it lasts! I noticed the first chip around day 3 and took it off a week after applying. Happy me! I definitely recommend these nail polishes, since they aren't expensive (3.99 pounds) but the quality is great!

Barry M is available in the UK and online. This nailpolish is usually 3.99 pounds, but there often are deals such as buy two get one free.

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