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I have a confession to make: I love me some sports clothing. Hey, don't new clothes really motivate you? No? Well, it sounds like an amazing excuse to buy something new to me. I have a love-hate relationship with Nike (it's prettayyyyy, but damn expensive!) and when I found out about the new H&M sportswear collection, I was hooked!

I am not really easy when it comes to workout pants. Definitely for running, I need a little pocket so I can easily take my iPod with me without having to put on a sports band. It's not that I don't have one, it just irritates me more often than not! Since I have an iPod Nano, I don't really need a big pocket so the small zip-up ones at the back are usually perfect! Now it starts getting colder, I needed a longer one and I'm really happy with this one. It hugs in all the right places!

Sport bras are love. Definitely a member of Team Small Boobs right here, so I don't need anything fancy! I like them to be very colourful, to become a cute part of your outfit. I have the exact same sport bra as the one above but from last year, so mine is lighter pink. I really like this one too though!

Oh my, these pants. Who even cares about working out? To be honest, I would just live in these, definitely when I had to study for exams. They also look perfect for the gym though, so it's a win-win.

For tops, I like everything. Anything cute or a little different is perfect, because the tops I have are not exactly like this one, right? The print on it is quite bold, but I feel it's perfectly acceptable for working out! A girl has got to look good at all times, right?

Last but not least: I fell in love with this bag. Although I never shower in the gym, I always need a bag to fit all my stuff (and for boxing it's even worse). The one I use now isn't really a gym bag, so I might go and check this one out. And honestly, how chic does it look? You'd never know its only €30!

I hope I inspired you a little with my list - I definitely want to go back and buy me some more...
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