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I did a very stupid thing last weekend: I broke my elbow. I did what? Yup, broke it. We were doing a parcours that involved several things, such as a swing ladder. We had to swing from rung to rung to get to the other side, but sadly enough they were wet and I was last in my group. When I came to the third rung, I couldn't hold myself anymore and fell right on my elbow (and ass). I'll probably post a little less, since baking isn't the easiest with only one hand available. But I'll try my best to stick to my schedule!

So, with that being said it's time for what I actually wanted to talk about. The Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow lipstick! What is so special about it? Well, it's a little bit like the one size fits all-clothes. This is a one shade fits all lipstick! I was always intrigued by these lipsticks, since I don't quite understand how a see-through lipstick is going to work. So when I saw Catrice had one, I let my curiousity win and bought one. And although I still don't know how exactly it works, I do know it does.

When you apply the lipstick at first, you don't see anything. That makes it a little tricky to make sure you stay within your lip lines. But when you check back in the mirror after a minute or so, it's there! I'm not sure whether it really turns into a different colour depending on your natural lip colour, but it turned a pretty shade of pink on my lips. It isn't too 'oh she's wearing lipstick', but my friend did complement me on it when she saw me with it. Definitely noticeable.

swollen eyes from the pain killers

The lipstick itself looks rather orange to me, but that's not at all what it turned out like on me. I also think it's really cool that it looks like jelly! To be honest, I'm really digging it. I think it's a really nice colour and it's perfect for everyday, since it isn't too attention screaming. Oh, and it's really inexpensive too. That's a win-win!

The Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow is for sale at Kruidvat for €4.99. Amazing huh?

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