5 favourites #3

Here we are again! Already a third edition of my five favourites. To be honest, I really like doing these. The seasons are changing and so is the weather, and I'm all into it! I really don't mind the cold, but I truly hate rain. Ugh. It makes every day worse! But let's just get to the good part, right?

Favourite sweet
Manon café from Leonidas. I'm usually a dark chocolate fan and I don't eat these often, but oh my. Leonidas hit the spot with these. The praline is coated with white chocolate and has a filling of coffee buttercream. On top of the buttercream is a hazelnut. I can't even explain how magical these are. Just quickly run to the closest Leonidas near you and buy a bunch!

Favourite song
Preacher by One Republic. Last week, me and a friend went to the One Republic concert in Antwerp. I've always liked their music, but was never a huge fan. To be honest, I don't even know that much songs of them (although I knew more than I thought!). But I'm super duper happy I went: they were so impressive! I've never heard someone sing so perfect, even after spinning rounds and dancing around on stage. They also sang songs from other artists (Stay With Me for example) and had an amazing variety of songs. But: I was talking about my favourite song. Their newest album is definitely on my want-list and the main reason for that is this amazing song! It's been on repeat ever since then and I'm still completely in love with it!

Favourite make up product
DayWear Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer by Estée Lauder. I usually don't wear more than eye make up and concealer, but the weather has been really grey lately and I feel like my skin can use that tad more. My mom received a sample but was allergic to it, so she gave it to me (score!). I'm really loving it! It's a colour that changes to your skin tone. The coverage itself is minimal, but it makes your skin look just a little bit better. Just my type of product! There's only one colour and it is supossed to work on every skin tone, so that's quite cool.

Favourite drink
Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Yup, I'm going to be extremely mainstream here and follow the entire world on this one. I tried my first ever 'PSL' back in September and I really like it! I hate that Starbucks is so over priced, because I would grab one way more often if it wasn't so expensive. But well, now it's for special occasions, so that's fun too, right?

Favourite shoes
I'm still so much in love with my Janoskis! Even now the weather sucks more often than it's nice, I can still wear my babies. I don't dare to wear my fragile shoes and these are just a little more fancy than my All Stars. Best buy this year!

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