Antwerp Chocolate Week

If you live in Antwerp, listen up! Today is the official start of the second Antwerp Chocolate Week. I don't think it is a surprise that I will participate again. Belgium is famous for its chocolate and Antwerp is a true chocolate paradise! I never even realised there were so many chocolatiers. And they're all extremely good at their job! Why must chocolate be so delicious?

On to the important part: how do you get the chocolate? You can find all the info you need on the site of Antwerpen Koekenstad, but I'll tell you the important stuff. As I said, today is the start of the Chocolate Week and it ends March first, which is a sunday. You'll need a chocolate pass to participate, which is for sale at the city shop (on the Grote Markt) or at all the participating chocolatiers. Here is the list! It costs 10 euro, which will give you 10 coupons. The list of chocolatiers also mentions what you get for how many coupons. You'll usally get 2 - 3 pralines for 1 coupon. Sometimes you get chocolate milk, sometimes you need to 'pay' more.

All in all, it's a bargain! If you ever buy chocolates at a chocolatier, you'll know they're often damn expensive. So this week is amazing to fill up on your chocolate needs/cravings for a cheap price! There are over 20 participating chocolatiers, so unless you are planning on buying 2 coupons or more (go for it!), you'll have to make a choice. I love that you can already look up how much bang you'll get for your buck, so I can maximise my gains. I'm not really interested in the chocolate milk, but if you are, feel free to drink 3 chocolate milks in a row ;).

If you don't know where to go yet, lemme tell you where I will be going (because I obviously looked it up already): I don't like having to spend 2 coupons so I'll be doing a tour around Antwerp! I discovered some amazing chocolatiers last year I'll definitely be going back to, such as Petite Elisa and Bastin. Then of course we have the famous must-goes, which are The Chocolate Line and Chocolatier Burie. I really loved the unique pralines from BbyB and I'm curious for Mary, which I heard is amazing as well. I'm a huge fan of truffles so I'll definitely be visiting Château Blanc and there's no way I can pass the manon café from Leonidas. Last but not least, I'm very curious for both Sjokolat and Sofie Sucrée, 2 chocolatiers I had never heard of before!

It was definitely a hard choice, but these are the places you'll find me the next 2 weeks. Maybe I'll see you there too?

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