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Ever since I can remember, I've loved All Stars. I got my first pair when I was eleven and am now the proud owner of 4 pairs of All Stars. The great thing is that you can use them for everything! School, travelling, partying, ... I'm not exactly the only one. If you look around, you'll very likely see at least one person wearing the same shoes as you. But then I discovered Nike shoes!

I'm not really alone on my love for Nike either, but here's the deal: All Stars are somewhere between 60 and 70 euro in Belgium and what are they actually? A sole with some fabric. No support at all. I used to take my All Stars when I was on a city trip and let me tell you, my feet hurt at night. Walking around all day wasn't really ideal.

I bought my first pair of Nikes this summer and immediately fell in love! They were €90 and although that's not really cheap, the quality of these is amazing! They're leather, which gives a better support than the fabric on All Stars. My second pair of Nikes was bought a couple months later, the Nike Internationalist. These were around the same price, but the structure of the shoe gives amazing support!

I took both of these on my trip to Madrid and despite walking more than 15 km each day, these walked like a dream. I never had sore, burning feet! What a difference compared to All Stars. Go Nike! Oh, and next to being extremely comfortable, they also have the prettiest designs. I'm currently head over heels in love with these beauties. Perfect for Spring, right?

I guess you can sense the love I have for Nike shoes, right? Although I often think Nike overprices its clothes, they definitely do an amazing job on shoe quality. I'm sold (as if I wasn't already)!

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