How to start your week right

Do you know that moment on Sunday night where you know a new, hectic week is coming but you're not really ready for it yet? If you do, high five! I personally find that all the events happening in a week can be quite stressful. I must admit that I'm a gigantic planner, so maybe you're only stressed when you're knee-deep in it already.

Even if that's the case, I assume you wouldn't say no to staying in bed a little longer in the morning. The steps I've put down here are perfect as a preparation for the coming week, but also for the next day. If you ever feel like your life is a chaotic mess at the moment, these steps might just help you! Or they'll at least give your mind some peace. Here they are:

As I said already, I'm a big-ass planner. I honestly think that if I had to go a week without planning, I'd die because of the chaos in my head. If I don't write everything down on to do-lists, my mind would keep me awake at night. I usually don't know everything I'll do that week, so I usually sit down on Sunday night and write my to do-list for the next three days. If you're afraid you will forget something, leave some space so you can add it later.

I also recommend investing in a good planner. If you write down everything in the agenda on your phone and that works for you, stick with it! I just like to see my week spread out on two pages in front of me. For some reason, it gives my mind more rest. Personally, I use both systems since I don't take my planner everywhere. When I make appointments, I'll usually put them in the agenda on my phone because it's a lot faster. When I come home, I'll rewrite it in my planner because it feels more structured to me. I know that might seem like a weird system for a lot of people, just see what works for you!

Planning and making to do-lists might be hard when you're just starting out, but it's a habit. When I come home at night, I immediately grab my notebook and wipe off everything I have done already that day, so I can see what I still need to do. Give it a try, this really works magic!

This is the biggest tip if you want to stay in bed longer in the morning. Prepare at night! Whether it's your breakfast, lunch, books or files. You probably already know what you need to take with you the next day, so it's really not that hard to take it the night before. I also like preparing my food for the next day (lunch + snacks) to make sure my belly isn't growling when I have nothing packed.

It isn't always possible to prepare everything already, but if you plan it out already (hah, more planning!) than you know exactly how much time you need to finish it in the morning.Planning your meals the weekend before will also come in very handy when you have to go grocery shopping! And honestly, a big salad or special wrap that is already waiting for you the next morning is a lot better than those slices of bread with cheese you're eating day after day, don't you think?

If you have trouble getting all the fruit and veggies in that you should have on a day, this is also perfect. It will give your meals a lot more variety, and who doesn't like that? Also, if you're spending a lot of money on food each week because you never pack lunch, this could save you quite some money! And isn't that the perfect excuse to buy those shoes you have been wanting so long? ;)

Last but definitely not least: give your mind some peace. I think it's extremely important to prepare for the coming week. And whether it's giving yourself a manicure, watching some television, reading a book, ... As long as you love it and it makes you feel relaxed, do it! If you get as crazy about planning as me, you could even plan this in, ha!

If you're new to all of this, planning might take some time and might even be a little intensive. These steps take some more time the night before, but they make the next week or day a lot easier. If you sometimes feel like your life is falling apart (being a little dramatic here, but hey) these tips might really help you! I know they help me when I feel like I've lost control on everything that is going on in my life.

Last but not least: I prefer to follow these steps in the way I told them. That's just how it makes the most sense to me, honestly. I love to sit down on Sunday afternoon, write down everything I need to do and prepare some things for the week ahead already and then just finish the night with something ultimately relaxing.

I hope this helped you!

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