Workout Clothes To Get Motivated

It's finally spring! Although the meteorological spring had already started the 21st of March, the weather didn't really catch up until this weekend. The sun was just in time for Easter though! I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend, filled with a lot of chocolate. Now the parties are over and summer is approaching, it's time to work on that bikini body! I picked 10 clothing items that will motivate you to get out of that couch. And they're budget proof as well!

This legging is perfect for the cold mornings and the not so sunny days! It's from an amazing brand called Undiz, and it's gorgeous. The batman logo on top makes everything just a little bit better and isn't the legging really cute? Much better than a boring black legging. They have a lot of Batman-themed sports clothing, so take a look if you're into that! These are €24.95.

This cute pair of shorts is also from Undiz. The band says 'cool run' and it has a back pocket which is perfect for a run! I usually take my iPod Nano with me and it fits perfectly. They also have these shorts in green/grey, with a different saying on the band. A lot of their clothes have something on the band and they're generally really good with cute details. These are only €12.95!

If you couldn't tell, I love leggings! These are from Gina Tricot and are super colourful! Just as I like them. I know long leggings don't seem fit for spring, but in Belgium the weather isn't too hot at the moment. And aren't these really cute? Again, this brand has a lot of cute items! If you like your workout clothes to be colourful and flashy (like me!), this is definitely a brand you need to check out. This legging is €34.95.

H&M is always a great place to go when I'm looking for new sports clothes. I really love this shirt that says 'Run, dance, sleep'. I used to dance when I was younger, but I do my fair share of dancing at parties nowadays! So yes, you could say this shirt is made for me. Well, if it said 'run, dance, eat' it would have been even better ;). H&M always has a great activewear collection, so take a look when you're there! This is only €12.99.

If you haven't noticed already, there aren't any sports bras in the list yet. Now there is no way I would make a list without a sports bra, so here it is! This beautiful bra is from Forever 21, which also has an amazing activewear collection! I own some tops from there and am really happy with the quality and the fit. This bra is perfect for low-impact sports such as jogging or yoga. It's €12.50

All of these items are very reasonably priced (Nike could learn something from that) and they're really cute as well! I hope this gave you a little kick in the butt if you needed one and go buy these so you can look amazing when you workout!

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