Bikinis For Summer

Although I need to wrestle through my exams first, summer is slowly but surely coming closer! I have some amazing things planned for the coming months, so I can't wait for my final exam to be done and dusted. I love the cosiness of winter, but there's something about summer that makes me truly happy. The sun is shining, you don't need to bundle up in clothes and everyone seems to be a little happier. My happy place? In my bikini in the sun, preferably near the sea or a swimming pool. I must admit: I'm an absolute bikini addict. If it was up to me, I'd buy 5 new bikinis each year. Luckily I still have a mom who makes me realize I don't need that much bikinis. BUT I'm gonna be honest: there are a couple of bikinis I'm in love with. And since I can't buy them, I decided to share them with you!

This first one is from H&M. This year, they hired supermodels like Doutzen Kroes and Kelly Gale to be the face of their swimwear collection. I must say, all of their bikinis are amazing! They have a very big variety this year too, which makes resisting them even harder. I have a couple of bikinis from H&M and I'm honestly very happy with them. They're inexpensive and the quality is great value for money. I'm a sucker for bralettes and lace, so this bikini immediately stole my heart! White bikinis are hard to pull off when you're not tanned though, so I think this isn't the one for me currently! The prize is ridiculous though: €4.99 for the top and €4.99 for the bottom.

This swimsuit! I'm usually not a swimsuit person, but how chique does this one look? I have a bikini from H&M with similar beading and I'm very happy with it. I've had several comments from people saying it looked more luxurious than H&M. This is definitely more of a wear but don't swim-swimsuit, but that can be fun too, right? The decollet√© is very deep, so my boobs would get lost in this, but I think it looks gorgeous on bigger-breasted women! This one is €29.99.

You probably expected it already: Triangl. This swimwear brand has been super popular since last Summer and it's here to stay! They have recently come out with several new models and I'm in love with every single one of them. This one is one of my favourites, because of the different bottom. I usually love sets, but this combination is really fun! The bikini itself is $79, plus $20 shipping so that would be around €90.

Can you tell I'm a fan of the orange & pink combo? I absolutely love this one! I love this bandeau model better than their other original model, because I feel like that one looks too much like a bra. I can imagine myself lying in this set on the beach of some southern country with a warm sun on my body. If only... Now back to business: this set is $89, so with shipping that would come down to €100.

I was never really a fan of New Look until I visited their site a while ago. Damn, they have cute stuff! They have a very nice clothing collection at the moment, it's definitely worth taking a look. I must admit I was surprised when I saw they had a swimwear collection. New Look, you're impressing me! I saw some very cute bikinis, but this set is my favourite. It reminds me Greece, with the white houses. I wouldn't mind going there in this bikini! Their prices are really amazing as well. The top is €11.99, the bottom is €9.99.

And since I couldn't pick just one, look at this set! I'm a huge fan of ethnic prints and for some reason this bikini makes me dream of Morocco. The bottom is high-waisted, perfectly for ladies who aren't all too comfortable about their tummy. Confident and pretty? Yes please! The top is €22.99, the bottom is €14.99.

I just had to add Victoria's Secret, right? Next to gorgeous underwear, they also make the cutest swimwear! I was a little disappointed with some of their models, because they obviously got some inspiration over at Triangle. But of course, VS makes a billion of bikinis in even more colours, so there were quite some beautiful sets that caught my attention! This particular set & colour immediately caught my eye. I love the extra straps, although they aren't perfect when you're tanning. But honestly, who really cares about that? They're having a sale at the moment, so the top is currently $39, while the bottoms are $16. You still need to think about shipping though! The shipping cost depends on the amount of products you order, so I would immediately take a good look around the site if I were you!

Did any of these bikinis stole your heart as well? Oh, and what are your plans this Summer?

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