Favourite Winter Nailpolishes

Now the season is changing, I start wearing other nailpolishes. I'm still as obsessed with them now I can finally use them all! I must say: it feels like it's Spring instead of Winter but oh well, I'm still waiting patiently for the snow to fall.

Last season, I also  shared my favourite polishes so I thought, why not do it again? So here they are:

Reddish Brown - OPI 'I'm Suzi & I'm a chocoholic'
This really is an interesting colour. It's something between red and brown, although I would probably think it's a dark red. But with that name, I'm not going to discuss with you. Is that the best name ever or what? Or am I the only other chocoholic? It's a really classy colour that goes with a lot of outfits.

Old pink - OPI 'Yucatan if u want'
My favourite pink of the moment. It is very soft, which makes it perfect for the colder months. I wore this with my outfit during the holidays and it was just perfect! Again, this probably goes with a lot of outfits, which is amazing. OPI, you never disappoint me.

Silver - Catrice 'Mirror, mirror...'
I always keep this colour for the colder days or the holidays. I personally feel like it's not something to wear everyday, but it can give you that pop of glam! It's not an easy colour though: it needs quite some layers and can be a little streaky. But it's so worth it.

Green - Maybelline '757'
I really like this green, it's just so special. I really like the finish and the very, very small golden sparkles. This is actually the darkest colour of all, but it is still warm. In the winter, I often tend to go for cool colours, but since the weather here is crazy and I don't have the feeling it's winter yet, I prefer this one.

Black glitter - Essence 'My sparkling acrobat'
My absolute favourite New Years colour. I wore this the last two years and it's just the perfect colour for festivities. It's chique, it's fun, and it just screams party. Which is obviously the most important thing that night! And who doesn't like a bit of glitter, right?

What are your favourite colours this season?

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