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Beautyfans swear by these amazing tweezers. These expensive tweezers. Because that is definitely what they are. But are they actually worth the hype?

Tweezers. I honestly can't live without them. I will even be a little dramatic: I would die without them. I always had cheap tweezers and I never really thought there were tweezers with 'better' quality, until I bought my Tweezerman. I'll admit: they are expensive. In Belgium, they are 24 euros, which is definitely a lot for such a small tool.

The only reason I bought them is because I fell in love with them. I saw Kandee Johnson's tweezers who had a very cute rose print, and wanted them too. When we went to New York, I had saved up a nice amount of money so I didn't really think about it, I just bought them.

It was only until I really started using them that I realized how amazing they are. The point is actually quite some sharper than the most tweezers out there, which makes them perfect for tweezing your brows. The hairs there are quite fine and usually not that long, which can make it difficult to get them all. These tweezers do just that.

The good thing is that these tweezers come with life-time guarantee. Whenever you feel that the point is not as sharp anymore, you can just let them sharpen again. So indeed, these are very expensive, but given the fact that you will probably have them for a large part of your life, I think these are a nice investment piece.

Available at Ici Paris XL.

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