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Something different today! I had seen this type of post at several blogs and decided to join the club! I really like lifestyle posts, I hope you all like them too? Here are my favourites at the moment:

Magnum Pleasure Bar
Magnum is 25 years old and celebrates by opening pop-up pleasure bars all over the world! And I'm lucky enough to live in the best Belgian city because yes, the bar is in Antwerp! It's here from May 16th until June 15th and I got the chance to go there today. We had to wait for 30 minutes - the guy was making them very slowly, but they were beautiful! You get to choose 3 toppings and I must say; it was so worth the wait!
Short clothes
This sounds rather strange, but I found no other way to describe it. I truly come alive when the sun comes out and I get the chance to wear skirts, dresses, shorts, ... I love it! If I could, I'd walk around in them all year long. And don't even get me started on sandals and ballet flats. I live in them all Summer!
Blue sky
I'm sure I'm not the only one, but don't you think a blue sky really makes your day? When I wake up and see the blue sky, I can guarantee you that I'm happy for the rest of the day! And the nice thing? A blue sky is usually accompanied by a nice sun and warm weather.  
Ice Coffee
The first kind of coffee I ever liked. I'm still not a huge fan of regular black coffee, but I'm definitely addicted to lattes! I love drinking those when it's colder, but when the temperature rises, I switch back to my beloved ice coffee. It also reminds me of my mom, because whenever we go shopping we always stop at our favourite coffee bar and drink an ice coffee!
Theo James
Last but definitely not least: my ultimate male crush. I mean, how hot can you be? I had seen some pictures of him, but when I saw Divergent I was sold. I cannot thank God enough for making a man like him. Now finding a way to meet him...

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