My favourite Dutch beauty blogs

I'll admit: I'm an internet junkie. I can rarely be found in front of the tv, but I'll be spending my hours behind my laptop screen instead. I know, I know, not very social but hey, these blogs are too interesting! I love browsing through them and I check most of them everyday. It are all Dutch girls and they're amazing. These are my favourites:

The first beauty blog I ever followed and the largest one from the Netherlands. It is written by an amazing girl, Mascha, living in The Hague. The quality of her articles is amazing and she always introduces me to nice new products. She also posts daily vlogs (video blog) of her life, which I really like! What can I say, I'm a nosey person.

I first got to know her because of a teen magazine. Her blog was featured in there and I'm happy I decided to look it up! Jiami is 14 years old, but her blog is already amazing. I'm in love with her pictures and I am addicted to her deco posts and personal posts. She loves running, just like me, and all of her reviews are nice and clear. You can tell she isn't as professional as Mascha, but I think she is doing an amazing job at her age!

Miss Lipgloss
My current favourite blog. Cynthia is such a down-to-earth girl and again, I'm in love with her pictures. Her articles are extremely clear and definitely give me a good view on which products I should or shouldn't try. Each month, she plogs (photo blog) for a week and again, I love being able to take a peek into her life.

Our Favourites
I got to know this blog through Lifesplash. It is written by Lizzy, who is my age. She is currently fighting against cancer and I find it very inspiring to see how positive she is, even when life isn't amazing. She post a lot of outfit posts and I like her style. There is one thing I specifically love about her, and it is the 'My life as Liz' which she posts each week. Again, it's a peek into her life and she never fails to cheer me up!

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