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You might remember that I told you about my Catrice eyeshadow base a couple of weeks ago. I really wasn't a fan of it, but I also told you that I just started using a new primer: Shadow Insurance from Too Faced! So today it is time to tell you what I think about it.

Since I'm superficial like that, I'd like to start with the packaging. How cute is it? It isn't very bombastic, but I do think it looks rather luxurious. The gold detail will probably have something to do with it.. I'm in love with the blue colour too, I think it matches well. And now on to functionality: I personally love that it is a tube. It means you can squeeze out the product and perfectly control the amount. It also means that you can keep squeezing until the tube is empty! That is what I didn't like about the UD primer.

As you can tell from the picture, it has a rather liquid consistency. I like it, because it dries up the way it should, not all flakey like the Catrice one did. It has some pigment in it, but it is invisible on my eyelid. It blends very easily, and you do not need a lot of product to cover the entire eye.

But how does it work? Well, perfectly! It is almost as if it isn't there when you start applying eyeshadow, but I do notice that my shadows do not crease at all during the day. I have rather oily lids, so I think I'm a good test person. Even the most basic and cheap shadows don't crease when I apply this primer, which means it does its job just amazingly. I must admit it is not cheap, but given the fact that you only use a tiny amount each time and that it works so nicely, it is worth its money!

Available at Sephora or online, € 17.

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