My Spring Nailpolish Favourites

Although Spring has been here for quite a while now, I still wanted to share my favourite nail polishes for the season with you. Sadly enough, the weather hasn't been amazing here lately, but wearing these colours will make you forget the rain asap!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not putting a recipe online last Friday. My week has been absolutely crazy and I didn't find time to post anything, since I still wanted some sleep. I didn't want to break my schedule so the next recipe is coming on Friday!

That being said, I'd like to present to you my favourite colours. They are all blue, green and purple which is no coincidence because I love those for Spring. It reminds me of new life! Here you go:

Ciaté - Sugar Plum
This lavender colour always reminds me of fresh flowers! I especially love wearing this with a dress or a skirt, because it makes me feel like I'm on vacation in France, dancing through lavender fields.

OPI - Green-wich Village
I was a little hesitant about this colour at first, but I love it! I know it may sound weird to paint your nails green but it actually looks really cute. Again, this just screams Spring. Fresh grass anyone?

China Glaze - Fade Into Hue
This isn't as bright as all the other colours, but I love wearing it when it is still a little cooler or when the weather isn't amazing, such as today. It's a beautiful dark blue colour with some purple tones in it. I love it because it is so special!

NYC - Mint Macaroon
Don't even get me started on mint green. My mom goes crazy everytime I find a new mint green colour 'that is just a little bit different from my other ones'. There are a lot of different shades out there, though! This one is a lovely mint green that I love for sunny days.

OPI - What's with the Cattitude?
Last but not least: a favourite from my Shrek minis, hence the name. This is a lighter blue that reminds me of clear Spring and Summer skies, which I love. I wear a lot of blue clothes, so I'll definitely be wearing this one often this Spring!

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