5 Favourites #4

Well, it's definitely been a while since I posted a Five Favourites! There are quite some things I'm really loving right now, so I thought I'd share them with you. Only one is food related, how crazy is that? I really do like other things as well! Let's just get to the point, huh? Here ya go!

Purse - Handpicked
I present to you: my new school bag! The handles on my old one were so worn that I feared they would break . Definitely time for a new bag! I bought this one through Marketplace, which is a platform on Asos that looks a little bit like Etsy. People open their own shops and sell stuff, which is often handmade. I fell in love with this bag (+ it was on sale, woohoo) that is perfect to take with me for classes. The store I bought it from is called 'Handpicked' and they have a tonne of beautiful handbags! They're based in China, so it does take some time for your products to arrive. Not that I really cared though, I'm in love! It's really sturdy and my books fit perfectly. It also has a little bag-in-bag that perfectly fits my laptop if I want to take it with me.

Clouds Of Fashion
This is something I'm really excited about! This fashion store was first based at de Melkmarkt in a tiny place, but they now moved to a bigger spot in the Nationalestraat (79)! I went to the opening last week and completely fell in love with the entire collection. I purchased 2 tops, €15 each! Now you can't go wrong with that. All of their clothes are prrrrrrretty and very affordable. Oh, and they have really cute bags too! The webshop is opening soon, and I'm really afraid that will make me go bankrupt. I just want everything.

I visited Berlin last week and damn, it left an impression! I'm still a little confused as I feel I couldn't get a grip on the city. Everything is spread out very far apart and it's extremely weird not to see that many old buildings, since a lot was bombed during the World Wars. I did really love the atmosphere in the city and I must say it was very nice to see it all. The remnants of the Berlin Wall are all throughout the city and is very impressive to see. Can you imagine having such a wall in your city? Oh, and something that stood out to me: the restaurants aren't that expensive. I had delicious meals each night and never paid so much. I think you can tell it was amazing? We went with an amazing group, so that helped for the fun of course!

It's my birthday in 2 days! I'm turning 20, how grown up does that sound? Or at least it does to me! I've had an amazing week so far and there are some amazing things planned for the weekend, so I'm sure it will be celebrated properly! Last year I wasn't really excited for my birthday, but for some reason I'm extremely excited right now! Who doesn't like a good party anyway?

Frozen raspberries
And more specifically, oatmeal with frozen raspberries. I'd seen it on Instagram a million times already, but it always seemed a little strange. I was convinced they'd still be hard! Turns out I'm completely wrong. When you put them on your hot oatmeal, they start to defrost and become coulis-like. SO DELICIOUS. I honestly haven't been eating anything else with my oatmeal for the last 2 months. I've been living on those oatmeal bowls.

I hope you liked my 5 favourites, I definitely did (duh). See ya Friday!

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