NEW IN | Running Shoes + Nike Pro Rival Bra

Last Friday, me and a friend went to the RSLab Ladies Night. RS stands for Runner's Service and it's pretty much a paradise for runners! They have a special footscan that analyses your feet, so you'll get the best running shoes  available for you. Back to business: they partnered up with Nike and organised a Ladies Night, with a catwalk & sales. Naturally, I had to go.

And as you might have understood already, I didn't leave empty-handed. I already thought I needed new running shoes, since I was getting more aches when running and I didn't want to get an injury. Just to be sure, I took my shoes there so they could decide whether I needed new shoes or not. The verdict? I should have come earlier. Oh well, good to know... I ran quite some kms in those shoes and since you should get new ones each 100 kms, I was in urgent need of new shoes!

I had Asics before and again, the footscan showed Asics were the best shoes for me! She gave me the updated model of the ones I had before and added a little gel cushion on the sole, because I put quite some pressure on certain spots. I love Asics, because I have slim feet and they have a snug fit! They never feel loose around my foot, which I prefer. Mine are the GT-3000 3 and I'm in love with them. You might hate the colours, but I love them! Personally, I feel like the more colourful running shoes are, the better! Oh and the pattern in these reminds me of flowers, so perfect for Spring! I'm sure I'll be flying during the Antwerp Urban Trail next week.

Apart from something I actually needed, I also bought something else. Don't sue me, it was 20% off! Can anyone actually resist that? This beauty was just wanting me the moment I walked in. There was some kind of chemistry between us that couldn't be ignored, so there was no option but taking her home. I'm talking about the Nike Pro Rival Bra.

Fancy name, huh? It's one of their newest bras and offers the highest support yet. Not that I really need that (I need to start kickboxing again, stupid elbow!), but it's also drop-dead gorgeous. And you never know who you might bump into while sporting, right? It's also very flattering, in comparison to most other sport bras that make you look like a 12-year old. Long story short: I'll be living in this. Thank you, Nike.

So here are 2 new additions to my collection! One very much needed, one a little less. Or as my mom puts it: "Really? Another sport bra?". Well, what can I say? At least I'll look fabulous!

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