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It's time for another quick tip! Let's talk makeup brushes. Although some of my friends don't own a single makeup brush, I think the ladies without brushes are rather limited. But have you ever thought of everything that gets onto that brush? Makeup clogs together onto your brushes and if you keep using your brushes without washing them, you'll eventually be clogging your pores. If you think about it, it's actually quite dirty!. You're building up foundation/concealer/eyeshadow that dries up or blends together and becomes verrrrrrry dirty. No way I want that on my face! Since none of us have hours to spare to clean your brushes daily, I have an amazing tip for you!

You can easily wash your brushes with some baby shampoo to get the dirt out. Regular shampoo will work just as fine, but baby shampoo is more gentle and will preserve your brushes better. The bad part? Washing your brushes every day takes a lot of time. SO I found a cheat! Let me introduce: the Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner. This cleaner contains an anti-bacterial agent to help clean your brushes on a daily basis. But before you run off to the store to get this (which you should), do remember it does not fully replace washing with shampoo. It cleans the brushes rather thoroughly, but to get them fully clean you should still wash them once a week to once in two weeks.

I like to collect all of my brushes at night, while I'm in front of my laptop, take a tissue & the cleaner and just go ahead! How it works: spray each brush a couple of times, depending on their size and swipe them clean onto a tissue. Once everything is done, just let them air dry! How easy is that? I usually let them dry at night so I have perfectly clean brushes in the morning. You might think it isn't that important to clean your brushes every single day, but definitely when you are using fluids like foundation or concealer, the product tends to clog up really easily. Do you really want that to build up for a week or longer? I don't even want to think of the amount of bacteria that will be in there by then.

This one from Sephora is a true holy grail, but sadly isn't available in Belgium (except when you order online). MAC carries one as well, but that one is rather expensive. I found one in HEMA in a big pink bottle and it works nicely as well! It isn't as thorough as the Sephora one though, so definitely do not forget to wash your brushes often.
Available at Sephora. €6.20

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