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First of all: I apologize for not posting anything on Friday. It was my birthday and I honestly didn't sit still for a split second last weekend. And if I did, it was to eat (a lot). Such a though life I'm having, huh? Since it was my birthday weekend, I received a lot of presents! And this baby was one of them: a foam roller from Gymstick!

First things first: what the hell is a foam roller? A foam roller is used for releasing tight muscles and trigger points. It's a form of self-massage where you apply pressure on a certain point on your body to help the muscles recover and returning to their normal function. The pain should be uncomfortable, but not unbearable. That good kind of pain, you know? When you start out, they advise to roll over the spot 15 - 20 seconds and then move to another spot. For optimal results, you should roll one to three times a week.

My foam roller comes with a ball, that is used for points that need to be targeted more specifically. It also came with a little booklet with the moves you can do with both the roller and the ball. You can use the foam roller or the ball on nearly any part of your body, but you have to be very careful with your lower back. Many sites advise not to roll that part of your body. For joints or bones, you should use the ball.

I don't know the brand, but I'm sure there's not too much difference between all of the brands. My foam roller is hot pink, which I love! I'm usually not the biggest 'pink' girl, but I do love wearing pink when doing a workout. This foam roller is perfect for when you like to do a lot of sports, but often have tight muscles afterwards. I love it!!! I used the trigger ball on my shoulders last night and wow, what an amazing feeling afterwards. I'm sure I'll use it often!

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