Essence Cookies & Cream

I am a big fan of budget make up brands like Essence & Catrice and I love the trend editions they bring out every 2 months! Sometimes I don't really find anything I like from the trend edition and sometimes I have to manage myself to make sure I limit myself to only one thing. That was the case for the Essence Cookies & Cream collection!

I was very much in doubt between two eyeshadow colours, this one and a light pink one. I decided to go for the brown one because I tend to wear it a little more often. The Cookies & Cream collection is inspired by soft colours, like cakes & cream (and not the crazy coloured ones). All of the colours are rather nude and soft, which is right up my alley.

There are a lot of different products in the line: eyeshadow, jumbo eye pencil, blush, lipgloss, shimmer pearls, nail polish & stickers, a nail file and hand cream. In my store, a lot of the products were already gone but I still fell in love with several products. I had to keep myself from buying a jumbo eye pencil!

The eyeshadow I got is in the colour 01 So hot, Donut! and it is a lovely brown colour, as you can tell. It is rather soft, so beautiful for both on the lid and in the crease. The pigmentation is beautiful too, which isn't always the case for essence. I am officially in love and feel like it will become a staple piece in my collection. And that for €2,89.
Available until May in stores that sell Essence (e.g. Kruidvat).

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