Marc Jacobs - Daisy

As you might remember from my birthday wishlist, I wanted the new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. This year, they came out with Daisy Delight and I was loving the bottle! I have been loving the bottles ever since they came out, but you don't buy a perfume everyday, right? So apparantly, my amazing godfather had read my blog post, because he gave me Daisy Eau de Toilette!

He gave me the regular Daisy Eau de Toilette, which I hadn't smelled before. Turns out I like it even better! Whereas the new Delight edition is very sweet, the original Daisy is a lot fresher and the flower scent is more dominant. I personally think the perfume is amazing for Spring and I’ve been wearing it every single day.

I have the big bottle of 100 ml and I am simply in love. It reminds me of a sunny and warm day, filled with happiness. I’m not good at describing scents, so I looked up the components of the perfume. The top notes are strawberry and violet leaves, making it sweet and flowery. The mid notes are violet petals and jasmine bouquet and the base notes are musk and vanilla infusion. So it's still rather sweet, but just fresh enough for me. I love sweet scents though, so to me it's the perfect combination! I can't tell you enough how hooked I am on this perfume. It's just love on first sight. So if you are still looking for a nice Spring perfume, go and check this one out! 

And I've got one last tip for you: at a perfume workshop, I learned that you shouldn't spray perfume on your decolleté, because the alcohol in the perfume speeds up the ageing process. So your decolleté will look like you're 70 when you're actually 50! And when you put it there, you won't smell it anymore after a while because you get used to it, making you want to spray on some more which can be annoying for the people around you. Instead, your perfume should be flowing around you: on your hair, shoulders, a scarf, your skirt or dress, a loose sweater.. Anywhere but your skin!

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