HEMA Cuticle Oil

In the summer, I love bright toe nails and pretty feet. Sadly enough, they aren't that amazing without doing anything to it. I've never been someone to take great care of my feet, until I found a small jar of cuticle cream and started to use it each night. Making it a part of my routine helps keep my feet perfect (or well, almost) all year round!

So when it was time for a new one, I decided to go for a cuticle oil. I found a lemon scented oil at HEMA and since I love almost everything they sell, I decided to give it a go! And for €3,25 it wasn't something I had to think about for a long time.

The lemon scent isn't too overpowering, but it is a nice addition. It makes it smell really fresh! The applicator looks just like a nail polish applicator and picks up a lot of product. I sweep it across my cuticles and then rub them in. And I must say: I really see a difference!

It is a very hydrating and nourishing oil, but without being too greasy. You can perfectly apply it to your hands because it won't be sticky. I use this cuticle oil every night on my toe nails, after pushing the cuticles back. I feel like doing this each night helps with keeping my toe nails healthy and beautiful for the summer!

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